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Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (Batch 2)

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About Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Course

The AI and ML certificate program is designed for business professionals and managers seeking to enhance their understanding of the principles, algorithms, and applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning within a business context. This program focuses on the strategic relevance of AI and ML in driving decision-making, improving operational efficiency, and fostering innovation.
Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of machine learning algorithms, and leverage various industry standard tools to extract valuable insights from data, enabling data-driven decision-making and optimizing business processes.
The program also covers fundamentals of generative AI, introducing participants create personalized experiences, develop innovative products, and engage customers in new ways. In addition, the program also introduces MLOPs, equipping participants with knowledge of best practices and tools for managing AI and ML projects in a production level real business environment.

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ML/AI Course Key Highlights

Comprehensive Curriculum

The Course curriculum offers coverage of machine learning and artificial intelligence, combining theory and practical applications for a thorough learning experience.

Industry-Relevant Case Studies

Vodafone: Managing Advanced Technologies and Artificial Intelligence
Eureka Forbes: Improving Lead Generation Using Machine Learning Algorithms

Expert Faculty

Learn from experienced faculty experts in ML and AI. Benefit from their deep domain knowledge and industry experience, guaranteeing high-quality education and guidance.

Networking Opportunities

The course facilitates networking with peers, faculty, and industry professionals, fostering collaboration, project partnerships, and knowledge exchange.

Prestigious Institution

The Artificial Intelligence Course offered by IIM V, known for its management education excellence, provides industry-recognized certification, enhancing credibility.

Capstone Project

The course typically covers an introduction to Artificial Intelligence and culminates in a capstone project, integrating the acquired knowledge and skills.

Eligibility Criteria and Program Details


Graduates (10+2+3) or Diploma Holders from a recognized university (UGC / AICTE / DEC / AIU / state Government) in any discipline.

Work Experience

Aspirants with professional experience in any domain.

Course Fees

The IIM Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Course will cost INR 80,000/- + 18% GST which can also be paid in 3 part payments.

IIM Visakhapatnam Campus

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Who should enroll?

IT Professionals

Business Professionals


Entrepreneurs and Startup Founders

Consultants and Advisors

Customer Service Professionals

Marketing Professionals

Developers and Technology Managers

Sales Professionals

HR Professionals

Finance Professionals


Product Managers

Aspirants Seeking a Career in ML & AI

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Syllabus of ML/AI Course

  • Demystifying Jargon
  • AI & Business
  • Exploratory Data Analysis & Visualisations
  • Fundamental of Statistical Learning - Probability Hypothesis Testing.
  • Fundamentals of Modelling
  • Supervised and Unsupervised Machine Learning
  • Linear and Logistic Regression
  • Naive Bayesian classifier,
  • Decision Trees & Random Forest
  • Support Vector Machine
  • Clustering
  • Neural Networks & Deep Learning
  • Recommender Systems
  • Fundamental of NLP
  • NLP Applications – Sentiment Analysis, Topic Modelling
  • Chat Bots, Virtual Agents
  • Large Language Models - (ChatGPT, Bard), Generative AI & Prompt Engineering
  • Fundamental of Computer Vision
  • Computer Vision Applications - Object detection, Facial Recognition, Image Generation
  • Across Business Functions- Marketing, HR, Finance, Operations
  • AI Project Management & MLOPs
  • AI on Cloud, ML Pipeline
  • Model Deployment
  • Production Environment and Monitoring.
  • AI Strategy
  • AI Regulations
  • AI Explanability
  • AI Ethics and Privacy
  • Capstone Project



ML and AI Course ROI

Completing a Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) course can provide a good ROI in terms of career growth, salary, and professional development. With AI and ML courses under your belt, you can position yourself as a strategic thinker and leader. This can open up new career opportunities, including security analyst, penetration tester, incident responder, security consultant, and more.

ML and AI Course Certificate

Upon completion of the program, business professionals and managers emerge with the ability to conceptualize, design, and implement AI and ML solutions to drive strategic decision-making, improve operational efficiency, and foster innovation within their organizations. They are equipped with the necessary skills to leverage data for informed decision-making, create personalized experiences, and optimize business processes, giving them a competitive edge in the data-driven business landscape.

ML and AI Course

Admission Process

1. Counselling

Participants will be advised by professional counselors over the virtual mode

2. Shortlisting

Profiles will be shortlisted in view of qualification standards and counselor comments on the profile.

3. Application

Complete Online Application Form. Click here to fill the form.

4. Profile Approval

Profile gets Approved or Rejected based on the shared information.

5. Enrollment

Only Approved profiles proceed further for enrollment process.

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IIM Vizag Faculty

Abhishek Srivastava

Prof. Abhishek S

Ph. D.   IIM Ranchi

Ex Adobe, Ex Verizon
Neena Pandey

Prof. Neena Pandey

Ph.D.   IIM Bangalore

Ex Samsung, Ex Verizon
Bhavya P S

Prof. Bhavya P S

Ph.D.   IIM Bangalore

Josyula Srinivas

Prof. Josyula Srinivas

Ph.D.   University of Hyderabad

Ex NISG, Ex Accenture, Ex HP, Ex TCS

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