Executive Certificate Program in

Fintech & Risk Management in Banking & Financial Services

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Program Overview

This Program covers the intersection between finance and technology. It is designed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the various technologies used to disrupt the financial industry.
Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to understand the history and evolution of fintech and its impact on the financial industry. Develop an understanding of the various fintech technologies, such as blockchain, digital wallets, and robo-advisors, and how they are being used in the financial industry. Analyze the regulatory and legal framework surrounding fintech and develop an understanding of the risks and challenges associated with fintech.
Explore emerging technologies that are transforming the financial industry, such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence. Study real-world examples of successful fintech startups and companies and develop an understanding of how they have disrupted traditional financial institutions. Develop practical skills such as data analysis, that can be applied to the fintech industry.

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Key Highlights of Certification

Prestigious Certification

Course completion may result in an esteemed IIM certificate, widely esteemed in professional realms for credibility.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Extensive training covering Fintech: Introduction, application, and usage, Machine Learning and Data Analysis, RegTec, Privacy and Security issues.

Experienced Faculty

IIMs' classes feature adept faculty specializing in fintech and risk management in banking and financial services, offering rich expertise and experience.

Case Studies and Real-Life Examples

Frequently, real-world instances and case studies offer tangible insights into fintech and risk management in banking and financial services and business dilemmas.

Hands-on Sessions on Tools

Excel, Python, MetaMask, CoinGecko, CoinMarket Cap, Solidity, Truffle, and FRM Tools for effective project management in ever-changing environments.

Networking Opportunities

Attendees engage, forming a valuable community of peers and prospective partners, and fostering meaningful professional connections.

Eligibility Criteria and Program Details


Graduates (10+2+3) from a recognized university (UGC / AICTE / DEC / AIU / State Government) in any discipline.

Work Experience

Aspirants with one to three years of professional experience in any domain are preferable.

Course Fees

The IIM V Advanced Project Management Course will cost INR 85,000/- + 18% GST which can also be paid in 3 part payments.

IIM Visakhapatnam Campus

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Who Should Enroll

Risk Analyst / Manager

Fintech Product Manager

Compliance Officer

Financial Technology Consultant

Cybersecurity Analyst / Manager (within Financial Services)

Financial Data Analyst

Regulatory Risk Manager

Financial Technology Auditor

Blockchain / Cryptocurrency Risk Analyst

Operational Risk Manager

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Syllabus of This Course

  • Discussion on Course Outline
  • Fintech Ecosystem and stakeholders
  • Traditional banking and its infrastructure
  • Digital payments and Digital banking system in India
  • RTGS
  • Individual payments & digital payment system in India
  • Mobile money, Mobile wallet, UPI, IMPS, P2P, Crowdfunding
  • Digitalization of financial services & Regulations
  • Introduction to Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • Application of ML/AI techniques for risk management
  • Use Case of AI and Fraud Detection
  • Data Driven decision making
  • Wearables and IOT
  • Blockchain technology, Distributed Ledger, Hashing, Encryption & Decryption.
  • Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Ethereum, CBDCs, and IOC
  • Smart Contract, Dapps, Tokenization, NFT, and Defi
  • Security and Financial issues in crypto
  • AR, VR, Metaverse
  • Evolution and Regtech Ecosystem
  • Smart Regulation and Regulatory Sandboxes
  • Governance risk compliance
  • Privacy, data, and cybersecurity
  • Compliance with financial regulations
  • Digital trust
  • Overview of entrepreneurship and innovation in fintech
  • Consumer values and determinants of financial services
  • Financial service marketing and GTM
  • Starting a fintech company
  • Fintech incubators and accelerators
  • Overview of ethical and social implications of fintech
  • Fintech and financial inclusion
  • Fintech and the future of work
  • Group Project



Fintech & Risk Management in Banking & Financial Services ROI

Earning the Fintech & Risk Management in Banking & Financial Services certification from IIM Visakhapatnam propels careers by fostering strategic leadership. It imparts in-depth knowledge of Fintech, Risk Management, tools like Excel, Python, MetaMask, and Solidity, enhancing skills, salary, networking, job security, innovation, and digital transformation for exceptional career growth.

Fintech & Risk Management in Banking & Financial Services Course Certificate

Upon meeting attendance requirements and satisfactorily completing the final project, participants in The Executive Certificate Program in Fintech & Risk Management in Banking & Financial Services at IIM Visakhapatnam will receive a verified certificate from the Executive Education division.


Admission Process

1. Counselling

Participants will be advised by professional counselors over the virtual mode

2. Shortlisting

Profiles will be shortlisted in view of qualification standards and counselor comments on the profile.

3. Application

Complete Online Application Form. Click here to fill the form.

4. Profile Approval

Profile gets Approved or Rejected based on the shared information.

5. Enrollment

Only Approved profiles proceed further for enrollment process.

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IIM Visakhapatnam Faculty


Pooja Kumari

Ph.D.   IIT Kharagpur


Pooja Kumari

Ph.D.   IIT Kharagpur


Amit Shankar

Ph. D.   IIT Kharagpur


Amit Shankar

Ph. D.   IIT Kharagpur

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