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About this Course

Product and brand management lies at the intersection of business, technology, and consumer experience. The field has witnessed a digital revolution, resulting in magnificent developments. This demands looking at the field from a fresh perspective, not discounting the traditional knowledge, instead building on it while also understanding when it does render obsolete.
Product and brand management certification program with IIM Amritsar is a management certification course for four months in which you will learn from India’s leading faculty and industry mentors about the technologies and methodologies that assist you in strengthening the brand’s position and overcoming threats. Product and Brand Management plays a vital role in business strategy. Whether you are a brand manager, product marketer, business leader, or entrepreneur, this certificate course will be very beneficial for you to enhance your product or brand’s market value.
This program will help you build a foundation block for your brand and better understand the customer approach. By completing this course, you will gain expertise in making critical decisions about brand repositioning and extension. You’ll get the opportunity to learn important facets of analyzing, understanding, and managing your product and brand for long-term value and the highest success. After taking up this course, you will be able to work with both products and brands to engage more audiences. You will also dive deeper into the business impact of product and brand management initiatives and systematically strategize plans to excel in the field.

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Key Highlights of Certification

Career oppurtunities

Completing the Product and Brand Management certification course unlocks career paths like brand/marketing/product management.

Industry Projects

The course offers industry projects for practical experience, providing insights into real-world challenges

Experienced faculty

The IIM Course is taught by experienced faculty members who have expertise in the field of marketing and brand management.

Cutting-edge Methodology

Utilizing advanced tech like virtual classrooms and online platforms, the Product & Brand Management Training enriches learning.

Networking opportunities

The training fosters networking, connecting students with peers, faculty, and industry experts

Salary Increment

Brand Management course provides sought-after skills, fostering competitiveness for lucrative roles in dynamic industries

Eligibility Criteria and Program Details


Bachelor’s degree in any discipline with consistent academic performance.

Work Experience

Preference will be given to candidates with work experience after completion of Graduation.

Course Fees

The IIM Amritsar Product & brand management Course will cost INR 60,000/- + 18% GST which can also be paid in 3 part payments.

IIM Amritsar Campus

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Who Should Enroll

Product Manager

Marketing Manager

Brand Strategist

Product Marketing Specialist

Marketing Analyst

Brand Ambassador

Product Development Manager

Digital Marketing Manager

Market Research Analyst

Advertising Manager

Brand Consultant

Sales and Marketing Executive

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Syllabus of This Course

  • Introduction to Marketing
  • Understanding the Role of Product and Brand Management in Contemporary Marketing Planning
  • An Overview of Product Strategy Integration with Marketing Mix Elements
  • Market Analysis
  • Customer Research and Design Thinking
  • Managing Product Portfolio
  • New Product Development
  • Product Lifecycle
  • Service Development
  • Service Failures
  • Agile and Lean Product Development
  • Diffusion of Innovation
  • Product Launch
  • Product Pricing Strategies
  • Product Distribution
  • Product Packaging
  • Digital Products and Platforms
  • Customer Based Brand Equity and Brand Positioning
  • Brand Planning Models
  • Brand Elements
  • Brand Equity - Concept and Framework
  • B2B Training / Industrial Branding
  • Brand Audit
  • Brand Architecture Strategies
  • Brand Extension
  • Branding in Digital Era
  • Global Branding
  • Branding in the Era of Sustainability
  • Destination Branding
  • Personal Branding
  • Brand Crisis
  • Future of Branding


ROI of Product & Brand Management Course

Enrolling in the Product and Brand Management Course offered by IIM Amritsar can yield multiple benefits, such as boosting your career prospects, broadening your professional network, refining your skill set, enhancing your decision-making abilities, boosting your self-assurance, and qualifying you for higher-level job opportunities with more significant responsibilities and better compensation packages.

Product and Brand Management Course’s Certificate

Upon successful completion of the Product and Brand Management Course, IIM Amritsar Executive Education will grant a verified certificate to participants. Participants will need to meet minimum attendance criteria and submit the final project to obtain the certificate.


Admission Process

1. Counselling

Participants will be advised by professional counselors over the virtual mode

2. Shortlisting

Profiles will be shortlisted in view of qualification standards and counselor comments on the profile.

3. Profile Approval

Profile gets Approved or Rejected based on the shared information.

4. Enrollment

Only Approved profiles proceed further for enrollment process.

About IIM Amritsar

Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Amritsar is the 15th IIM set up by the Ministry of Human Resource Development with the support of the Government of Punjab.
Being located in Amritsar, the land of the Golden Temple and Wagah Border, the Institute benefits from the enriching experience offered by this holy city. The Institute is currently run in the Punjab Institute of Technology Building, 5 km away from the railway station and 10 km from the airport. Its permanent campus will be constructed about 7 km from the ISBT and 8.5 km from the railway station, making it easily accessible.

IIM Amritsar believes in collectively igniting possibilities. Towards fulfilling this objective, the institute plays a crucial role in human capital development by offering various programs like MBA, MBA Business Analytics, MBA HR, EMBA, Ph.D., and various short – and long-term executive education programs. Owing to its indefatigable allegiance to providing exemplary education, IIM Amritsar has established itself as the vanguard of quality education and learning in a short span of time. The Institute follows the same pedagogy as practiced by the other members of the prestigious IIM fraternity. With its state-of-the-art infrastructure, IIM Amritsar provides a nurturing environment for its students to learn and grow. IIM Amritsar also focuses on creating an entrepreneurial culture, where the students and faculty work together to create the best enterprising solutions.

Besides getting to learn from qualified faculty and industry leaders, the students, here, learn by involving themselves in various club and committee activities. The tireless efforts of our students result in their winning many corporate and B-school competitions and, ultimately, their bagging promising career opportunities

IIM Amritsar Faculty

Kaveri Krishnan

Prof. Kaveri Krishnan

Ph.D.   IIM Bangalore

Sakshi Aggarwal

Prof. Sakshi Aggarwal

Ph.D.   IIM Indore

Shalini Agnihotri

Prof. Shalini Agnihotri

Ph. D.   FMS Delhi

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