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stuck in career often express feelings of frustrations,
disappointment, and a lack of fulfilment”

If you have ever experienced such than you are welcome to the community of #careerstruggle

Employer Says
Employees might encounter slow/no profession development for various reasons as Absence of skills, Experience, Lack of visibility or Recognition, Poor communication, Networking skills, Lack of career planning, Poor performance and so on, etc. Employer say’s further that It is important for employees to take an active role in their career development, seeking out opportunities for growth and taking steps to build their skills and visibility within the organization.

“You are responsible for your own career”

Moral of the Story
Build a strong foundation of skills, Network, and Experiences will help employees to achieve long-term success in career.

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We aim to support the career growth, development, and success of you.

From Khozkar Desk : “apati se hi avishkar ka janam hota hai”

While working in the HR Department and being responsible for employee career development, I always found a disconnect between employee and employers as employees want to have career growth but wish not go for continuous development, however the employer wishes to have employees developed on new methodologies and new skills.

Important GYAN “Customer Need Analysis – As it is very important to understand our customer need to assure the offered service or product fulfils as what customer wants.

“Being an employee as we are selling our services to our employer hence we are the seller and employer is the customer but how many of us indeed do the Customer (Employer) Need Analysis to assure our services are highly rated and purchased on high cost. SOCHO SOCHO!

Continuous development is the key for continuous career growth.

Gentle Reminder: “You are responsible for your own career”